double sword dance

"To put it simply, she is the best working belly dancer in NYC ! No one else is such a great entertainer and creative body in motion ! "
-Cheryl Yaron - dancer and educator

Shahrazad is one of the most dynamic and energetic dancers on the east coast of the U.S.. When she enters a room and begins to dance, the audience is compelled to move with her. That's how infectious her good spirit and energy is.

This dancer is the epitome of Raks Sharki in the classical Egyptian and Arabic style. She is both completely comfortable with live musicians and dancing the rigorous and demanding drum solo as well as beautifully choreograhed routines either solo or with a company.

Shahrazad is wowing audience with her famous two sword dance routines and she is also quite accomplished with Isis wings, cane, veils and finger cymbals (zils).

This dynamic dancer has a background in ballet, jazz and tap dancing and became enamored with belly dance in the mid 1990's. She studied with Dalia Carella, Yousry Sharif, Gamila El Masri, Sandra Catena, Samara and Nadia Moussa. For the past several years, Shahrazad has been a teacher of belly dance in her own classes held in Brooklyn.

Besides her devotion to Raks Sharki, Shahrazad is also a sixth degree black belt in American Go Ju Karate, following in her brother's footsteps. The physicality and control of this demanding martial art has given Shahrazad a unique look and control to all of her dancing.

Shahrazad has been the featured dancer at such prestigious venues as:

  • Les Babouches
  • Casa La Femme
  • Kemia Lounge
  • Sultana
  • Lafayette Grill
  • Le Figaro Cafe'
  • Tangine Dining Gallery
  • Village Crown
  • La Orange Blue
  • Satalla
  • Cleopatra's
  • Atlantic Night Cafe'
  • Brooklyn Children's Museum
  • Sloan Kettering Hospital

She was also featured artist on The Golden Princess, a two week long luxurious cruise, where she performed and taught belly dance workshops for beginners. Shahrazad has also been a guest performer at: Margarita Island, Acapulco and Puerto Rico.

Her passion for her art is one of love and dedication. Discovering the art of belly dance has been and continues to be an uplifting experience that fills her heart with joy, laughter and love.

To contact Shahrazad call 929 234 - 0891 or email

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